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Ryohei Chiba Birthday:18th Nov 1984/ Constellation: Scorpion/ Type B blood
Keita Tachibana Birthday:16th Dec 1985/ Constellation: Archer/ Type ? blood
Ryuichi Ogata Birthday:17th Dec 1985/ Constellation: Archer/ Type O blood

w-inds, lead by vocalist Keita, Ryohei and Ryuichi of the chorus/ dance, is a dance/vocal unit. They started street performing in Yoyogi-koen Park and Shibuya every Sunday in November of 2000 in. They gathered 8,000 fans in the Shibuya vehicle-free promenade just before their debut in March of 2001. Their 1st album "w-inds -1st message-" was released in the same year, and received a first place ranking on the Orikon charts. "Another Days" "Because of you" in 2002,"SUPER LOVER -I need you tonight-" "Long Road" in 2003 charted first place on Orikon single ranking. They participated in "record grand prix" "Red and White Singing Contest" at the end of the year, making their popularity grow immensely. They carried out a national tour of the mobilization with more than 100,000 people attending every summer. They created w-inds. whirlwind in many cities. The activity opened in the Southeastern Asian area: Taiwan / Hong Kong / Korea / China (Shanghai) / Thailand Malaysia and recorded the first place four album product on the charts particularly in Taiwan. They achieved the first splendid achievement as Japanese. Keita, a fascinating vocalist, Ryohei Ryuichi with perfect chorus, the dances are polished more and more and the rich power of expression exceeds a generation opening the gender gap. The dance/vocal unit that creates new wind in the new times of the 21st century: w-inds.

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