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Kazumasa Tanaka:Vocal Jan/15/1974 From Kobe
Hiroyoshi Nishikawa : Guitar Nov/14/1969 From Nara
Toru Kamei:Drums Aug/02/1972 From Osaka
1993/summer: Formed GRAPEVINE with Hiroyoshi Nishikawa and Makoto Nishihara in Osaka.
/Jan: Kazumasa Tanaka noticed a recruitment ad for a band that was placed inside of a music shop and he decided to audition.
1994/Feb: Tanaka could not handle the strong pressures of the vocalist, and he disappeared.
/Mar: Toru Kamei, a younger student of Nishikawa, joined in.
/Jul: Tanaka returned to the band by the request and persuasion of Nishihara.
He continued working on original music pieces and periodically played Live in Osaka.
1997/Apr: They moved their headquarters to Tokyo.
Sep/19th: They made their debut with a mini album titled, "awakening".
Dec/3rd: They released their first single, "Sora".
They held an autocratic Live in Osaka's Banana hall.
Dec/6th: They held an autocratic Live in Kitazawa's CLUB QUE.
1998/Mar/20th: They held an autocratic Live in the NISSIN POWER STATION.
Apr/1st: They released their second single "Kimio matu aida".
May:20th: Their first album was released "a flower of boredom".
Jun~: East Meihan Japan QUATTRO tour.
Sep/2nd: Maxiskirt single "Hakubi" was released.
Dec: National tour "Tanomuze Bein '98."
1999/Jan/20th: Maxiskirt single "Slow" was released.
Feb/5th: Live in Akasaka BLITZ.
Apr/21st: Maxi single "Hikarinituite" was released.
May/19th: Second album "Lifetime" was released. They placed 3rd for the first time on the Orikon. Also Collection of clips "7CLIPS" was released.
Jun: National tour "Recital 1999" (all shows sold-out).
Aug/18th: Maxi single "feather / JIVE", re-mixture album "Divetime" was released.
Aug/28th: Live "Natu posa mushi" at the Hibiya concert hall (sold-out).
Sep/2nd: Live "Natu posa mushi" at ZEPP OSAKA (sold-out).
2000/Feb/2nd: Maxi single "Reverb" was released.
Mar/15th: Third album "Here" was released. On Orikon, placed 9th for the first time.
Apr: National tour "Southbound" (23 of 33 performances sold-out).
Jul/28th: FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '00 appearance(RED MARQUEE w/G-LOVE, Eagle-eye cherry)
Nov/1st: The maxi single "Fureteitai" was released.
Nov: National tour "E,WinterTour"(All 15 performances)
2001/Jan/31st: Maxi single "OurSong" was released.
Jun/20th: Maxisingle "discord" was released.
Jul/18th: Maxi single "Kazemachi" was released.
Aug/1st: 4th album "Circulator" released. On Orikon, they placed 9th place for the first time.
Sep~Dec: National tour "Whitewood"
2002/Feb/20th: Live album " GRAPEVINE LIVE 2001 NAKED SONGS" special limited edition(CD+DVD) Normal version (a CD) was released.
Jun/19th: Maxi single "Natunohikari" was released. Live picture " GRAPEVINE LIVE 2001 NAKED FILM" (VHS+DVD) was released.
Sep/4th: Collection of second clips "10CLIPS" (VHS+DVD)& "7CLIPS" (DVD)was released.
Oct/17th: Single "BLUE BACK" was released.
Nov/20th: 5th album "another sky" was released. Placed 10th place on the Orikon charts.
Dec/31st: Makoto Nishihara(Bass) withdrew from the Band.
Feb~Mar: National tour "CURRYS SOUNDTRACK"
2003/Jun: National tour "CLUB CIRCUIT 2003"
Sep/3rd: Maxi single "Ainiiku" was released.
Sep/18th: Collection of B-sides album "OUTCAST - B-SIDES+RARITIES" released.
Oct/23rd: Maxi single "Bokuranara" was released.
Dec/3rd: 6th album "water tank of the idea" released. Live performance in Shibuya's TOWER RECORDS.
2004/Feb~Apr: The national tour "internal organs of the silence"
Mar/3rd: Single "BREAKTHROUGH" was released.
Mar/17th: Single collection "Chronology" was released.
Aug/8th: Hitachinaka beach park《ROCK IN JAPAN FESIVAL》
Aug/24th: Takamatsu《Monster Bash》
Sep/17th: Tower Records Shibuya shop STAGE ONE
Oct/17th: Tower Records Shibuya shop STAGE ONE
Nov/17th: Mini album "Everyman, everywhere" was released.
Dec: National tour "Club Circuit2004"
Dec/30th: Makuhari Messe《Countdown JAPAN
2005/Jul/19th: Single "the future" was released.
Aug/24th: 7th album "deracine" was released.
Sep/21st: Released collection of 3rd clips "7CLIPS+MORE" (DVD). Single "roam freak".

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