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Vocals: Arata
Guitar & Digital Producer: Reiji
Tri-bass & Bass: Hiroto
Drums: Ray
"Art is the most beautiful of all lies" - Based on the words of Debussy, the electro rock band "THE SIXTH LIE" hopes to create a lie so beautiful it can't be sensed by the five senses alone. Originating from Tokyo this band seamlessly mixes airy atmospheric visual elements with a modern electronic dance rock sound to create an undeniably unique live experience.

After few changes in the member line-up, the band held their first live in March 2015 followed shortly by the release of their first music video "Wake Up Your Fire" in November.

The Sixth Lie's futuristic sound and video style has been greeted with an overwhelming positive reception among the music industry. The band has hosted their first solo live event "WARP ZONE" in May of 2016 followed by the release of their 1st Album "INTEGRAL" in September. In line with their upward trajectory following the release of their first album The Sixth Lie performed as the opening act for "KNOTFEST JAPAN 2016", festival hosted by Slipknot at Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex on November 5th.

This January the band released their 2nd Album "DIFFERENTIAL", and held their second headlining show "LIVE DIFFERENTIAL ver.1.0" on February 4th.

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