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Misaki Iwasa
Misaki Iwasa
Nagara Production
January 30th
Blood Type:
Place of Birth:
Chiba Prefecture
Observing people, anime, games, listening to music, eating (One shrimp per day! For 24 hours, I play with shrimps, look at shrimps and eat all kinds of shrimps! I could keep on eating them forever... I like shrimps approved by Japan Shrimp Association!)

2010 - Watarirouka Hashiritai 7
2010 - AKB 48 Team A
2012 - Debuts with "Mujineki" through Tokuma Japan Communications as the first enka singer of AKB48
2012 - AKB48 Team B
2014 - AKB48 Team K
2015 - AKB48 Team B

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