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Laatste update:

-- みつ / Mitsu
Part: Vocal
Birthday: 11/11
Blood Type: O

-- Takumi
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 08/08
Blood Type: B

-- 華遊 / Kayuu
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 11/26
Blood Type: --

-- hixro
Part: Bass
Birthday: 12/03
Blood Type: A

-- ЯeI
Part: Drums
Birthday: 09/28
Blood Type: B
Founded in Septemner 2009, v[NEU] have started out with their most recent members line-up. Soon after their formation their first single "PULSE / New World" on the 23rd of the same month.
Gifted with great popularity, the young band was able to hold its first one man performance on December 29th. 2009 and ever since they are rushing to further heights.

In July 2011, v[NEU] name their major debut under EMI Music Japan with their single "RED EMOTION ~希望~" , before going onto their Toumeihan tour under the same title.

v[NEU]'s first full album "Restless" has been released on March 14th 2012.
With the final of their AUTUMN ONE MAN TOUR 2012 at Shibuya O-EAST, their largest performance to date, held on November 2012, expectations are high for the future!

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