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Laatste update:

Name: Re:NO
Part: Vocals
Birthday: 04/09
Favorite Color: Black
Hobby: Twitter
Like: Bass, Clothes, Animals, Her Own Room

Name: Yoshi
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 11/27
Hobby: Having tea at cafes
Likes: Pudding, Raw Liver
Dislike: Onions, Ginger

I'm known by the name of Yoshi! I'm the red ranger.
Let's enjoy the lives together♪

Name: Toki
Part: Guitars
Birthday: 03/20
Hobby: Making sweets and watching birds
Like: Birds, Hawaii, Staying up Late
Dislike: Mayonnaise, Getting Up Early,

I'm giving my best with a 24-hour smile♪
My aim for this year is no accidents and no charges.
Counting on You \(☆o☆)/

Name: Sawa
Part: Bass
Birthday: 09/25
Hobby: Visiting cat-cafes
Likes: Sweets and "Aoi no Aitsu"
Dislikes: Bugs

I'm Sawappo! Let's be friends♪

== Former Members
Name: Rami / Part: Vocals
Name: Aruto / Part: Drums
ALDIOUS joined forces in Osaka, Japan, back in June 2008, with Rami on vocals and Yoshi on guitar. In November 2008, 2 of their songs were featured on a compilation album titled "Red Hot Burning Hell Vol.16". In January 2009 Toki (guitar) joined the band prior to the band's self-produced first 4-song EP titled "Dear Slave" which was released in November of the same year. "Dear Slave" was well received and sold out in many metal music stores around Japan. ALDIOUS was officially formed upon the return of original bass player Sawa, along with the addition of Aruto on drums in March 2010. The band also launched a label specializing in girls metal called "Bright Star Records" at this time. As the band started to gain recognition on the Internet, in April 2010 ALDIOUS signed with Spinning as the first domestic girls metal band for the label and released their first single "Defended Desire" in July. The single ranked 4th on the weekly ORICON indie chart, 49th on the weekly singles chart and 24th on the daily chart.
Following their single, ALDIOUS released their first full album "Deep Exceed" in October. The album successfully topped the weekly ORICON indie album chart, as well as ranking into 15th on the weekly album chart and 7th on the daily chart. Following the release, ALDIOUS performed sold out shows in Tokyo and Nagoya, also performing their first solo show at the Osaka Club Quattro which also sold out.
In January 2011, ALDIOUS made appearances on two popular TV show called "Sukkiri" (Nippon Television) and "MezaNew" (Fuji Television), successfully gaining a stronger fan base. In April 2011, the band released their second single "Mermaid" which ranked into 16th (daily), 20th (weekly) and 1st (weekly indie) on the ORICON charts. ALDIOUS went on to perform on their first solo tour, playing in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, in which all shows successfully sold out. Later the same year in October, ALDIOUS appeared on popular TV show "Happy Music" (Nippon Television) prior to releasing their second album "Determination" which ranked into 8th (daily), 13th (weekly) and 2nd (weekly indie) on the ORICON charts. The song "Spirit Black" from the album was used as the ending theme for the TV show "Shimura Ken" (Fuji Television).
ALDIOUS went on to do a 6-city sold out tour in November to December, including renowned venues such as the Shibuya O-East in Tokyo. In May 2012, ALDIOUS conducted an encore tour, performing in yet bigger venues such as the Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo, CLUB Diamond Hall in Nagoya, and the BIGCAT in Osaka. ALDIOUS then went on to release a live DVD featuring their show at Shibuya O-EAST during their 2011Determination Tour. The DVD ranked in the ORICON charts at 2nd for music DVDs and 6th among all DVD titles. Following the tour, lead vocalist Rami parted ways with the band due to personal health issues. Despite Rami's withdrawal from the band, ALDIOUS continued their songwriting while searching for a new singer. ALDIOUS recruited Re:NO as their new singer in August, and went on to release their 3rd single "White Crow". The single ranked into the ORICON charts at 19th on the weekly singles chart, 14th on the daily charts and 3rd on the weekly indie singles chart.
In November the band went on tour with THE AGONIST as a supporting band, performing in Tokyo (Shibuya O-East), Nagoya (Club Quattro), and Osaka (Osaka Big Cat).
ALDIOUS also went on for a solo tour from the end of November, playing in 5 cities including the Shibuya O-East in Tokyo. ALDIOUS also made their second appearance on the TV show "Happy music" in December.
In May 2013, the band released their 3rd Album "District Zero" which accomplished a remarkable ranking of 4th on the ORICON daily chart and 7th on the weekly chart. This marked a new record for an all girls band from an independent label in the history of the ORICON charts. The song "Scrash" from the album "District Zero" was used as the ending theme for the TV program "Ranking Kingdom" on TBS for June and July.
ALDIOUS then went out on the District Zero Tour starting in July, performing in 10 cities around Japan, including venues such as the Shibuya O-East in Tokyo. The band also made appearances at various events and festivals including the Hammerball 2013 Festival. ALDIOUS released their next double A-side single "Dominator / I Don't Like Me" in October. The single ranked into 10th (daily), 12th (weekly) and 1st (weekly indie) on the ORICON charts. The ballad "I Don't Like Me" was on high demand for requests on the USEN J-POP HOT 30, ranking in at #16 on the chart, creating a new fan base for the band. ALDIOUS went on an 8-city solo tour in November, with shows for the first time in cities such as Kagawa and Okayama.
In February 2014, ALDIOUS held extra shows at the Nagoya Club Quattro and Osaka Umeda Club Quattro before taking part in the Pure Rock Japan Extra Vol.1 Festival. The band released another live DVD titled "District Zero Tour ~ Live at Shibuya O-East" which was their first live DVD featuring Re:NO on vocals. The DVD ranked in the ORICON charts at 5th for music DVDs and 6th among all DVD titles.
The band released their next single "Another World" in May 2014. The band also performed a successful sold out show with legendary Japanese rock band EARTHSHAKER before releasing their 4th album "Dazed and Delight". The song "Dominator" was featured as an ending theme for a TV series on TV TOKYO in July. ALDIOUS went out on a solo tour to 14 venues, including shows in Ishikawa and Iwate prefectures, as well as a show at the Club Citta in Kawasaki. ALDIOUS also made appearances at various events and festivals including the "Grace Rock Museum", as well as a metal festival with renowned metal acts such as THE KANMURI, NoGoD, SEX MACHINEGUNS, NINGEN ISU and OUTRAGE, "Ani-Song-Rock 2014", and a successful sold out show with veteran thrashers OUTRAGE.
In November 2014, drummer Aruto departed from the band after announcing her marriage and retirement from the music industry. The band will be doing a show for the KERA SHOP ARENA OSAKA Fashion Show in December with a fill-in drummer for the show.
ALDIOUS is scheduled to release a new live DVD in February 2015, featuring their Club Citta show during the 2014 tour titled "Live Tour 2014 - Dazed and Delight Live at Club Citta".

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