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Laatste update:

Tri Mebius
尚-nao- / NAO
Part: Vocal, Chorus
Birthday: August 14
Blood Type: O

雅仁-masato- / MASATO
Part: Guitar
Birthday: April 5
Blood Type: O

Part: Bass
Birthday: September 17
Blood Type: A

Part: Drums
Birthday: May 4
Blood Type: A
尚-nao-(Vo), 雅仁-masato-(Gt), Shuya(Ba), KENTA(Ds) are a melodious heavy metal band in that line-up, which has started its activities in 2005.
While undergoing hiatus and a member change, Tri Mebius resumed activities in April 2009. The current line-up is held since December 2011.

With old and new songs from since their formation, Tri Mebius have released their first highly anticipated indies album in September 2011, showing the wide range of their songs. Ranging from tracks resembling pop to metal anything seems to be possible. With a focus on songs in mid-range, the sound widens to show a unique and dramatic perspective in their play style.

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