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Wakeshima Kanon
'kanon×kanon' is a '2.5 dimensional devilishly brilliant music duo' comprising a mysterious female cellist/vocalist and a male Akiba-kei [fan of anime] music producer/composer. Through their music they express their deep love for anime and anime songs in a visual-kei style filled with personality. Their music is based on that distinctively unique traditional Japanese culture, but is also something entirely new. You might feel as if you've met them somewhere, but that's just your imagination. Since they are bodies/entities consisting of thought that came out of '2.5 dimensional space', or in other words 'a loophole in the space-time continuum', they don't have real existence. That's what kanon×kanon 'is'.

Wakeshima Kanon【Cellist/Vocalist】
She audaciously uses the cello to take in elements of classical music to create a unique sound. Her lyrics filled with references to fantasy incorporate various worldviews, such as those of fairytales, Greek mythology and Shakespearean plays. Together her sound and lyrics seem to express a story about moving between two opposing worlds, such as transience and eternity, reality and unreality. As a cellist/vocalist, she made her debut with the single 'still doll', which was produced by Mana (formerly MALICE MIZER, currently Moi dix Mois). Music is not the only means for her to express herself. She is also active as an illustrator under the name 'Hirari (ヒラリ)'.

Kanon (カノン)
Kanon (Studio Blue-3 / Antic Cafe) is the bassist of the Harajuku-kei dance rock band 'Antic Cafe', which is currently suspending activities. He founded a new record label called 'Studio Blue-3' and works as a music producer with an aim to show to the world a 'place where new values and new forms of play are presented'. He also actively writes music for other artists.

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