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Name: hANGRY
Gender: Female cat
Height: 164cm
Birthplace: H44 Nebula
A very punkish girl. She seems wild and barbaric, but she is surprisingly sensitive and hates irrational things.

Gender: Female cat
Height: 157cm
Birthplace: H44 Nebula
A girl who loves gothic things, she seems very cute but also has devilish characteristics.
HANGRY&ANGRY-f is a unit formed by Hitomi Yoshizawa and Rika Ishikawa, former members of the famous idol band "Morning Musume". Here, they literally become the characters initially born from the collaboration between h.Naoto, designer and leader in the Goth-loli (Gothic & Lolita) and visual-kei fashion, and Gashicon, illustrator and creator of the Guro-kawa (Grotesque & Cute) characters of Hangry and Angry,

In October 2008, the Myspace page of HANGRY&ANGRY-f was launched and in no time, the number of access was up to 100 000! Creating another buzz around the band, their first mini-album "Kill Me Kiss Me" was released on November 19th 2008 simultaneously in Japan, Korea and the US, marking the unit's debut!

With unique sound and visual image, HANGRY&ANGRY-f's success went international as they performed on stage on April 2008 at the Sakura-Con, a Japan Anime culture oriented event who took place in Seattle.
Then, on the 31st October 2009, the band gave a powerful show-case at the Chibi Japan Expo in Paris, confirming its worldwide success!

It's on November 18th 2009 that the first full album of HANGRY&ANGRY-f "Sadistic Dance" is released, not limited to Japan but worldwide.

The sound of the album was produced by Daniel Merlot, music producer from LA who worked with artists like Kool Keith, Perry Farrell (ex Jane's Addiction), Mad Professor, Milla Jovovich etc.Thanks to him, the album's sound is more electro and more powerful, giving it a "digital grunge" taste!!!

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