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Laatste update:

Vocal&Guitar: 青葉 紘季 Hiroki Aoba
Date of Birth:1976.11.01
Blood Type: O

Drums; 迫 昌弘 Masahiro Sako
Date of birth: 1976.10.07
Blood type: O

Bass: 平元 純平 Junpei Hiramoto
Date of birth: 1981.03.11
Blood type: A

Keyboard: 津田 直彦 Naohiko Tsuta
Date of Birth: 1980.02.25
Blood Type: A

Drums: 迫 昌弘 Masahiro Sako
Date of Birth: 1976.10.07
Blood Type: O
A sound which is created through trial and error in the studio by members who feel an urge to seek their original sounds created by "5 members" of today.
In 2006, THOROUGHBLEND decided their theme as the "ERECTOM-ROCK DANCE BAND". Greedily bringing in digital beats, they created their sound from not only rock but from the elements of dance moves from their heart and body.
Consistently creating new beats, sometimes containing omnivorous aspects, their philosophical messages are sent to all listeners.
Have all eyes on THOROUBLEND as the band who plays from rock to club music freely.

1998.08 Aoba(Vo.)and Sako(Drums) put together THOROUGHBLEND
2000.12 started street live around in front of Shinjuku-Alta・Shibuya Station・Sakuragicho Station
2001.07 released self produced maxi single "Ounabara" (sell 1,000 records in 3monthes)
2001.12 released self produced 1st album "Sorakoto"
2001.12 first Reco-Hatsu one-man live at Shibuya egg-site (attendance: about220)
2001.12 won first prize in NACK5 band contest
2002.06 opened WebSite "THOROUGHBLEND WEB"
2003.01 one-man live at ShibuyaDeSeO (attendance: about300)
2003.04 one-man live at Shibuya eggsite (attendance: about350)
2003.06 released self produce 2nd album "The Best of Thoroughblend"
2003.08 one-man live at Shibuya CLUB QUATTORO (attendance: about 550)
2003.12 4th one-man live in 2003 at ShibuyaO-West (attendance: about 600)
2004.01 released Indies mini album "Yugure Densha", held event, street live energetically
2004.03 one-man live at ShibuyaO-West (attendance: about600)
2004.07 released Indies single "Slow"
2004.11 Indies last one-man live at ShibuyaO-West
2005.02 released Major debut single "Yasashii Hikari" (from UNIVERSAL J)
2005.04 started "Instore & free live tour~Sakura Hirahira Honoo Meramera~" 60lives in 40places
2005.04 released 1st mini album "Sakura Hirahira Honoo Meramera"
2005.09 released 2nd mini album "Kimi to ita Basyo"
2005.11 released 3rd mini album "Rarara..."
2006.06 released New Maxi Single "Nanairo Roman"
2006.08 released New Maxi Single "Hello"
2006.10 released New Maxi Single "Haruka"

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