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Vo, Sarino / Gt, Lida / Gt, Daishi / Ba, Metal / Dr, Dewey
A band formed by actor Yoshida Metal from Gekidan☆Shinkansen, Lida from Psycho le Cému, which was very popular overseas as the super cosplay band, and vocalist Sarino. With "metal", "heroes", "squadron", "visual-kei" as their concept, they have been going on with their original activities that can not be seen anywhere else. In June 2013 their current best members came together, and they also performed overseas in events such as London's HYPER JAPAN and Paris' JAPAN EXPO, gathering wide popularity. With their entertaining stage spiced up with rock, acting and action, they have been gathering attention from various places.

They experienced the big stage of Makuhari Messe during V-ROCK FESTIVAL09 before they were formed. They have been continuing their newsworthy activities by having their songs selected to KONAMI's popular game "jebeat+", participating to omnibus album "V-ROCK Disney" by covering the song "When you wish upon a star", and more. After their current members got together in June 2013, they have been constantly having lives and also experienced big stages overseas. In January 2014, when they were fully prepared, they finally released a mini album titled "Shou -Show-". This album gathered a lot of attention due to the participation of kiyo, the keyboardist of Janne Da Arc, and Okano Hajime, who has been producing L'Arc~en~Ciel for over 10 years. Currently Yoshida Metal is playing Kamen Rider Bravo / Oren Pierre Alfonzo in TV-series "Kamen Rider Gaim" as a regular.

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