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Doremi dan
Vocal:マコト / Makoto
home: Nara

home: Kyoto

Guitar:龍 / Ryu
home: Kyoto

Bass:ユウ / yuu
Anami Oshima

Drum:零華 / Reika
home: Osaka
ドレミ團/Doremidan first became to be famous in Osaka in 2002 for their unique music and atmosphere, and extended their field of activity to Tokyo and all over in Japan in 2003. What makes them special is that they have powerful and friendly melody at the same time and have attractive singing voice. Their music covers from pop to ballad and various emotions, and they share their own nostalgic world which leads them to interact with audience in shows and create unique atmosphere. The revival show 「再会の集い」/Saikai No Tsudoi was held at liquid room in Ebusu on March 9, 2008, after they had a break for half year in 2007. They officially replaced their musical base to Tokyo. Recently they had an event that they distributed their new single 「ハロー!!ブランニューデイ」/Hello! Brand New Day with different colored CD covers than those in shops, for free to all audience who came to the spring tour 「HELLO!! BRANDNEW DAY」on August 20 2009. On August 20, they held a solo live show「DON'T LET ME DOWN」 in Akasaka BLITZ and they hoped that fans enjoyed their music and the world of Doremidan.

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