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Vocal. 悠希 / Yuuki
Guitar. 零 / Zero
Guitar. サトシ / Satoshi
Bass. 緋遊 / Hiyuu
Drums. 一朗 / Ichiro

Band was formed in 2008 and consists from five members: Yuuki (vocals), Rito (guitar), Satoshi (guitar), Hiyuu (bass) and Ichirou (drums). The original bassist (Mio) and drummer (Eve) left the band during 2010 because of musical differences.

Lycaon's music is heavy rock or metal with electrical influence. The melodies are irresistible with an erotic twist. The look of the band is dark and decorated with beautiful and interesting details. Sometimes even described as "dark version of oshare kei". The gigs of Lycaon are great experiences to see and hear.

The band released their first single "RED RUM" on March 2008, their first mini-album "Ambrozia" on February 2009 and first full album "ROYAL ORDER" on March 2010.

At the autumn of 2014 Lycaon is going to do their first European Tour.

TEXT: Layemi

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