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梅田えりか / Umeda Erika
矢島舞美 / Yajima Maimi
中島早貴 / Nakajima Saki
鈴木愛理 / Suzuki Airi
岡井千聖 / Okai Chisato
萩原舞 / Ogiwara Mai
有原栞菜 / Arihara Kanna
'℃-ute' blended together the word 'cute' with the Celsius sign '℃'. It is meant to show that the group's members are not only cute and pretty, but also very passionate and energetic.

Best Hit (Pop) Song Festival 2007 Best New Artist
40th Japan Cable Radio Awards Cable Radio Music Award
49th Japan Record Award Best New Artist
50th Japan Record Award Excellent Work Prize (Excellent Song Award)

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