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Fujiki Naohito
藤木直人 / Fujiki Naohito
Graduated from Waseda University's Department of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering.
While still in university he made his debut in the Toei Company film '花より男子 / Boys Over Flowers' as '花沢類 / Hanazawa Rui'.

His good looks that seemed to have come straight out of the original manga for the film became a hot topic. His agent was swamped with requests for information and fan mail. He continued his studying, and in between he made appearances in various commercials, movies, and TV dramas. After graduating in 1997 he became a full-time actor. Since then he has starred in many TV dramas, such as NHK's 'あすか / Asuka', Fuji TV's 'ナースのお仕事3 / Nurse no Oshigoto 3' and 'Love Revolution'.

Along with his career as an actor, he also became a professional artist. He made his debut in July 7th 1999 with the single '世界の果て~the end of the world~ / Sekai no Hate~the end of the world~'.

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