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Laatste update:

Birthday: February 14th, 1980
Birthplace: Hokkaido

Birthday: December 29, 1979
Birthplace: Fukuoka prefecture
What is LADY BiRD?
It is a two-man production unit that includes Shibuya CLUB ATOM's resident musicians djTEN and KAZUHISA HIROTA. Their work is a fusion of j-pop and club music, and through their unique method of combining and reconstructing songs from various genres they create brand new dance music. There is no doubt that they will be an up and coming artist in 2009.

What is Sweet Song?
Their first release, "LADY BiRD Feat. WeiSon 孫暐 - SweetSong", began as demo songs from many different artists that were put together by djTEN. Despite the fact that no CD had been released, Shibuya CLUB ATOM was flooded with the requests for the song, which was in regular circulation already whenever djTEN was spinning. For the year 2008, it even made it to number 4 on the club's top requested songs chart.
In order to finally achieve a major release of the song, djTEN and KAZUHISA HIROTA auditioned for a brand new vocalist. Among all the applicants the voice, potential and stage presence exhibited by WeiSon tipped the odds overwhelmingly in her favor, and the pair knew there could be no choice but her.
The December 2008 issue of popular magazine Popteen featured a project called "Who is this model that sings "Sweet Song"?", and mobile downloads of the song began on well-known download site Dwango. Despite the fact that no one knew who the singer was, the song reached as high as number 20 on the site's popularity chart. The responses to both online downloading and the song's regular airplay in CLUB ATOM made djTEN and KAZUHISA HIROTA realize just how powerful the song really was.

Finally, on December 25th, 2008 an event called "Pocky Hajikeru 3 Gaki Final! in SHIBUYA" was held in the Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Dai Ni Taiikukan; it was the first time WeiSon performed as the group's vocalist. Popular fashion model and talk-show veteran WeiSon was captivating before the assembled audience of approximately 2000, and it was finally decided that the group would release "SweetSong" on CD. Both WeiSon's blog and the Popteen editorial department were flooded with inquiries regarding her performance, making it clear that releasing the CD was the only choice that could be made.

WeiSon is the featured guest for LADY BiRD's debut single release.

Birthday: October 13th, 1989
Nationality: Chinese
Birthplace: Saitama City, Saitama prefecture
Blood type: AB
Strong points: Making funny faces and running both long and short distances

She is a figurehead model for Popteen magazine, in which she began her modeling career from May of 2007. Because of the appeal of her vintage and secondhand clothing style to readers, she was selected as the cover model for the March 2008 issue. Her presence is notable in part thanks to her height. Her modeling is not limited to just Popteen magazine; she also advertises cosmetics, does other modeling and various promotion work. She is loved and supported by girls as young as ten.

Shibuya CLUB ATOM's main DJ. He has produced innumerable dance music tracks that have been used on television and in commercials, and is the number one most requested DJ at both Shibuya FM and ZIP-FM radio stations. He also runs a television show on CG-Channel 16 playing Friday night dance music. One of his signature songs is "ASS UP, SANTAMARIA", but more recently he is also well-known for his remix of "Heavenly Star". He was also the opening DJ at Japan's famous "Shibuya Girls Collection 06' 07'" fashion show. As LADY BiRD he released an album called "TEN colors interior house" composed of fashionable and familiar house music. He was nominated to be one of the top 100 DJs in club magazine "LOUD" in 2007, and contributes reviews to the magazine monthly. He even performed at the famous 'Nagisa Outdoor Music Festival: Odaiba Open Court' in April of 2008, playing to an audience of 10,000 captivated people.

Also a regular DJ at CLUB ATOM. Mainly a manipulator of sound, he began working with djTEN in 2005 as support working on both original songs and joint works. As a solo performer he has produced works as 'Ace Closer', 'Spiral Dirt', 'Trapped Convention' and 'Cannon Cracker', and worked with other musicians as 'Floorbreaker', 'Hi-End Attack', etc., doing original songs as well as remixes. He uses media from various genres and can skillfully cross from one to the next. Since his works are frequently top hits, he is a highly influential creator. LADY BiRD, his new house project with djTEN, began toward the end of 2007, and the two continue working together to accelerate the spread of house and electro music genres using trance as well as other types of music.

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