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Vocal 染谷西郷 / Someya Saigo

Guiter 宮田泰治 / Miyata Taiji

Guiter ヨシロウ / Yoshiro

Flute 春日井陽子 / Kasugai Yoko


Percussion オガチ / Ogachi

Drum 住職 / Jushoku
The band formed in 2001. There are 7 members in all, with a vocalist, two guitarists, a bassist, drummer, percussionist, and a flutist (flautist). FUNKIST puts a big emphasis on live concerts, and so they usually perform over 100 concerts each year. They have played not only in Japan but also such countries/territories like South Africa, Asia, and India. The South Africa-born Someya Saigo's unique rhythm and beat permeate through the melody and lyrics to make a sound that cannot be categorized into a single genre, and thus contributing to the one and only FUNKIST-style. The themes for their music range from everyday events to global matters, and each song has a captivating quality that at times make the listeners laugh, while at other times move them to tears. FUNKIST concerts are attended by both men and women, young and old. They ensnare the audience, bringing them together while breaking down all barriers. They have ceaselessly sent out powerful messages that concern our whole world. After having a huge success at their solo concert at SHIBUYA-AX in April 2008, they then performed in front of 6000 people at the '9条世界会議 / Global Article 9 Conference to Abolish War' in May. Needless to say, the 6000 people were in for a nice surprise from FUNKIST's stellar performance. On July 16th 2008 they released their major debut single 'my girl', which went on to achieve first place in the 'ぴあ満足度ランキング / Pia Manzokudo Ranking (Satisfaction Ranking)'. At the '京都大作戦 / MISSION IMPOSSIBLE KYOTO' music event organized by the band 10-FEET, although they did not perform on main stage they managed to gather a crowd of well over 1000 people. FUNKIST is quite ready to take Japan by storm.

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