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YU-KI (main vocalist)
DJ KOO (leader/sound creator)
SAM (dance creator/ dancer)
CHIHARU (dance creator/dancer)
ETSU (dance creator/dancer)
Drawn to the rave culture, in September of 1992, Tetsuya Komuro personally produced a rave unit.
This was the birth of "trf" (trf stands for "t"etsuya komuro "r"ave "f"actory).
DJ KOO of JG, SAM of MEGAMIX, CHIHARU, ETSU, and YU-KI as the vocalist were selected.
In only two years from their debut, the group's total sales set an amazing record of over 10,000,000 copies.
In 1995, TRF received the 37th Nihon Record Taisho (Japan Record Awards) with their single "Overnight Sensation ~Jidai wa Anata ni Yudaneteru~ ".
Changing their name to just their initials "TRF" in 1996, currently they concentrate on their solo careers while participating as a group at the "a-nation" music festival.
In January 18th, 2006, TRF released "Where to begin," their first single in 5 years.
And on February 15th, 2006, released a new double disk album, as well as a CD/DVD release of the same.
Included on the second disk is a TRF Tribute Album featuring artists that have worked with TRF in the past: AAA, Every Little Thing, Goro Kishitani, Youki Kudo, KEIKO, Kumi Koda, T.M.Revolution, Yasufumi Terawaki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tomiko Van and BoA (listed in Japanese alphabetical order).
On the 4th of June, 2006 they will perform in Osaka, Sendai on the 11th, Fukuoka on the 16th, Nagoya on the 24th, and Tokyo on the 30th for an all Japan Zepp concert hall tour.

More info:

YU-KI (main vocalist)
In 1992, appeared in the dance contest, "TK Trucks Night", where she first met Tetsuya Komuro.

As everybody knows, she conjoined with the band TRF as the vocalist.

In 1998, being in the band did not stop her to work in a wide-range of variety, such as songwriting, composing, voice acting and narrating.
As she continued to play as TRF, she gained much interest in song-writing.
2003.06 She starred in "Tick, tick, BOOM!", the last work of Jonathan Larson, the author of the big hit Broadway musical, "RENT".
2004.05 starred in the musical theatre, "Kuraudia" produced by Chikyu Gorgeous at Nissei Gekijo; 49 performances in 5 cities.
Playing active roles on stage as well as live performances.

DJ KOO (leader/sound creator)
Influenced by British Rock, he started to play the guitar when he was 12 years old. In high school, he was encountered with dance music. After the offer from his senior DJ, he performed a DJ session at the 'disco', "Canterbury House" and "B&B" in Shinjuku. His hot composing style of computer & the MIDI SYSTEM became popular fad.
In 1986, he made the Remix team, "THE JG's" with DJ HONDA, which led to mass productions of remixes. Their popularity spread immediately and now they are the legendary DJ of today.

SAM (dance creator/ dancer)
He got hooked into the dance scene at the age of 15 and went to NY alone to further skill up his dance techniques. He learned classical ballet and jazz dance at studios, soon mastered street/house dance. He has every genre of dance as his back bone and highly recognized by pupil of the dance industry.
As well as composition of staging and choreography of TRF, he is also choreographing and producing concerts for Namie Amuro, BoA, V6 and many more artists.
Moreover, he's organized dance events and produced new comer artists.
Recently, he projected many dance auditions to develop and research dancers for the up-coming generation with tutorial lectures.

CHIHARU (dance creator/dancer)
She started classical ballet at the age of 5. At 18, influenced by jazz dance, went to NY for a year to enhance her skills. In 1992, she joined TRF.
Involved in not only staging and choreography of TRF, but also active as a concert producer and choreographer of Namie Amuro, Shizuka Kudo and Ayumi Hamasaki.
Through TRF Activity, she held an audition for all dancers nationwide to perform on stage with TRF. This attempt was successfully played in five cities as an opening act for the a-nation Stage in the summer of 2004 with SAM and ETSU.
She also developed an open-school with ETSU nationwide to develop more talent of future up-coming dancers.

ETSU (dance creator/dancer)
Started to learn folk dance (Indian folk dance, Japanese folk dance) when she was 6. At the age of 18, she was fascinated by Jazz dance and appeared in many performances. (in NY/LA etc) After that, she joined MEGAMIX.
As well as concert staging of TRF, she is also involved in choreography of Yaen; choreography, stage direction and composition of Namie Amuro's nationwide tour. In 2002, she held a one-man exhibition at Oricon inc. "Weekend Gallery" for a month. The following year, held another one-man exhibition at "CAFÉ LOLITA" in Akasaka for 3 months.
Now, she helps develop "ETSU&CHIHARU open-school" for future generations.

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