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Underneath, the
Vocal :TAKA Birthday : 04.15 Blood Type: O
Guitar :MASATO Birthday : 12.26 Blood Type: A
Guitar :TAL Birthday : 05.26 Blood Type: A
Bass :RYO Birthday : 07.25 Blood Type: A
Drums :MASAKI Birthday : 04.25 Blood Type: O
Underneath biography
MASAKI, the spirit behind this band, plays the heavy, danceable drums of the rhythm section, acting in concert with their strong, electro beats. His rhythmic partner, RYO, is an intelligent bassist that also acts as a programmer, engineer, etc. The most aggressive and provocative member on stage is guitarist TAL. Artful guitarist MASATO also has talents for designing web pages and graphics. Vocalist TAKA shapes the band's image with a vocal range over 3 octaves, and androgynous, sexy performances.
All of them compose music, and each works with Pro-Tools to create music digitally. It can be said that they're a sort of bodily violent band, but also a visual band of the new, digital generation.
They mix electro and live grooves, and blend heaviness and romanticism like mixing light and shadow; theirs is a thrilling, sexy, Japanese act of the next generation.

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