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Elephant Kashimashi
宮本浩次/Miyamoto Hiroji
Birthday: 1966_06_12

石森敏行/Ishimoto Toshiyuki
Birthday: 1967_03_18

高緑成治/Takamidori Seiji
Birthday: 1966_04_15

冨永義之/Tominaga Yoshiyuki
Birthday: 1966_04_14
1981, Elephantkashimashi was founded.

Miyamoto, Ishimori and Tomihaga, who were classmates in junior high school, were the original members of the band. Takamidori, who was the classmate in high school, also joined the band. They were awarded a CBS SONY SD audition.

1988 they debuted from EPIC SONY with album "THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI" and single "de-de"

After their debut, they released 7 albums and 9 singles from EPIC SONY.

In 1996, they transferred to PONY CANYON. They became popular through their amazing performances and charismatic sound.

In 1999, they transferred to Toshiba EMI and released Gastronjya , this single caused controversy in the music scene.

In 2007, they transferred to Universal music SIGMA and released the single Oretachi no Asu .

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