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Laatste update:

Birth date: 1978/12/09
Blood type: B
Favorite artist: Reggae
Recent hobby: collecting clothes?
Recent favorite food: vegetable juice, Osatsudoki
What I want most now: a southern island
What do you do on your day off: I want to go golfing
Message to fans: We will release the best product ever, so check us out!

Birth date: 1979_12_17
Blood type: O
Favorite artist: A Hundred Birds, Jonahbuten, DIAMANTES, SMV
Recent hobby: Recent...? The internet
Recent favorite food: Puccho, Osatsudoki
What you want most now: sky diving license, foreign language
What do you do on your day off: watching movie, shopping, gym
Message to fans: I'm sorry that I can't do anything even though I noticed them. Please be patient for our web site to be updated. I'm sorry, but not now...

Birth date: 1978/11/05
Blood type: O
Favorite artist: Steph Pickets, X JAPAN, Southern All Stars, stardust review, hound dog
Recent hobby: Kendama? ....find XXXfirework
Recent favorite food: Go-ya chumpuru, rosemary, garlic, ketchup
What you want most now: computer (mac notebook), ability to think, vocabulary
What do you do on your day off?: wondering whether to go to Akihabara or not. (I'm planning to take KEN to maid café)
Massage to fans: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo & Yuan Biao
DA PUMP was founded in the Okinawa prefecture. They are a Hip-hop sing and dance trio. After graduating from the Okinawa Actors School, they entered into the Vision Factory bureau, collaborating with the record company called Avex tracks. In September of 1996, ISSA, YUKINAR, KEN, and SHINOBU bumped into each other in their home prefecture of Okinawa and became 'DA PUMP', soon after, in November, they moved to Tokyo. In 1997, produced by m.c.A.T, they debuted with their first single 'Feelin' Good -It's PARADISE-' from avex tune, an branch of avex tracks. In 1998, through their 5th single, 'Rhapsody in Blue', they participated in NHK's Kouhaku Uta Gassen. They participated in the show for five years after that. On April 6, 2006, the group announced SHINOBU's official leave. SHINOBU continues to release hits as a solo artist. On October 17th, 2007, ISSA released his solo single, 'CHOSEN SOLDIER', the main theme song for the movie 'Kamen Rider THE NEXT'.

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