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HIRO / HIRO (Performer) Born_06-01
MATSU / MATSU (Performer) Born_05-27
USA / USA (Performer) Born_02-02
MAKIDAI / MAKIDAI (Performer) Born_10-27
ATSUSHI / ATSUSHI (Vocals) Born_04-30
SHUN / SHUN (Vocals) Born_01-11
Centered around the performer HIRO; MATSU, USA, MAIKIDAI, and vocalist SASA gave birth to a vocal and dance unit in 1999. With their major record label debut, they released such songs as "Follow me," "D.T.B. (Do The Basic)", and "Fly away," which represented their personal perspective of the world. Their appearance as performers was captivating and never stopped to fascinate the audience.
However, vocalist SASA's decision to increase his activity as a songwriter led to his parting ways wtih the group in 2001.
To replace the departed SASA, ATSUSHI and SHUN joined the group as the new vocalists. ATSUSHI had demonstrated his strong talents on an audition program, although being beaten in the final round. SHUN was the winner of vocal contests held by a local television station.
With the addition of these two powerful vocalists, the group was reborn as a six member vocal and dance unit with the twin vocalists ATSUSHI and SHUN, and performers HIRO, MATSU, USA, and MAKIDAI. WIth the increase in their expressive powers, the unit changed their official group name to "EXILE."

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