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Amuro Namie
安室 奈美恵 / Namie Amuro (Vocals)
Born_1977-09-20 From_Okinawa prefecture
Graduating from "Okinawa Actors School," debuts as a member of the "Super Monkeys" and releases "Koi no cupid / Mister U.S.A." on Feburary 9th, 1992. Virtually debuts as a soloist on June 20th, 1994 With the release of "PARADISE TRAIN" as "Amuro Namie with Super Monkeys." Officially debuts as a solo artist on April 26th, 1995 with the release of "Taiyo no SEASON." Transfers to avex on October 25th, 1995 with the release of "Body Feels EXIT" and releases numerous hits under the producer Tetsuya Komuro which eventually leads to the "Amur-er" phenomenon. In 1996, becomes the youngest solo artist to receive a Japanese Record Award. The release of "CAN YOU CELEBRATE?" on February 19th, 1997 sells two million copies, and becomes the recipient of the Japanese Record Award two year in a row as well as becoming the youngest artist to play the final act for the "Kohaku Uta Gassen." Marrying SAM, a dancer for the group TRF, in 1997 and gives birth to their eldest son Haruto the following May. The couple filed for divorce in July of 2002.

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