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Part: Drums, Piano

Part: Vocal
Birthday: October 10, 1965

Part: Guitar
Birthday: December 13, 1964

Part: Guitar
Birthday: November 4, 1965

Part: Bass
Birthday: January 22, 1968

Part: Guitar
In 1982, Yoshiki and Toshi formed a band during their high school years They named the band X, meaning "infinity". After they graduated from high school, they came to Tokyo and began playing shows with their band. PATA, HIDE and TAIJI joined the band soon after.
In 1988, they released their album "VANISHING VISION" from YOSHIKI's indie record label, Ecstasy Gold.
In 1989, they were contracted with CBS SONY and released their album "BLUE BLOOD".
In 1992, TAIJI left the band and the surviving members stopped their activity at once.
By the summer of 1992, they transferred to MMG and welcomed HEATH as the new bass player. They changed the band's name to "X JAPAN"
In September of 1997, they decided to break up the band due to vocalist TOSHI's decision to back-out.
In 2007, they got back together with their new song "I.V."

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