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Laatste update:

Kobuchi Kentaro / 小渕健太郎
Birthaday: March 13, 1977
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Miyazaki prefecture

Kuroda Shunsuke / 黒田俊介
Birthday: March 18, 1977
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Oosaka prefecture
They first met each other in May of 1998. Back then, Kobuchi was a top salesman in the Kansai area of some company. For relaxation, he made a routine to hold a street live every Saturday at a shopping arcade in his hometown, Sakai.

On the other hand, Kuroda has been performing on the streets of Sakai 2-3 years before Kobuchi. During those days, people who held street lives got together when there were no audiences, linking Kobuchi and Kuroda together.
"Your song is pretty good."
"You're pretty good too."

Awkwardly starting a conversation, the two kept on talking about their fondness toward music and about guitar, in the means to know each others. From one point, Kuroda just held onto is guitar without performing and listened to Kobuchi sing for a several days.

On the other hand, Kobuchi earnestly sang for about 6 hours, causing him to go to work with his voice thick. In September of 1998, there were numbers of copy-performance Street live of Mr.Children and UNICORN. Meanwhile, when Kuroda and Kobuchi heard some street musician sing, Kuroda said, "This kind of tune is neat", and Kobuchi replied, "We could make this kind of tune easily". Soon, Kobuchi offered Kuroda to make an original soundtrack together. The music they made in a week was 'Sakura'. Kuroda confessed, "Let's create a band together." Of course, Kobuchi said "No problem." That night, they talked about music till the next morning.
After the formation, they started to go to Minami and Tennouji on Saturdays to sing. Back in those days, they only had few original tracks, but hardly sung them until the audiences asked for anything original. Two of them were impressed by the positive responses, but at the same time desperately wanted their recognition of originality. By the time they began to play their original works, numbers of audience grew, leading to a severe fight with security guards.
In January 1999, Kobuchi quit his company he worked for 4 years because of his new road as a musician. Gradually, live schedules increased, which caused them to hold street lives irregularly. But if they had time, they got out to the streets of Hikkake-bashi and Tennouji, increasing numbers of fans. Meanwhile, they participated in radio shows and grew throughout Kinki area.

Including their songs in their indies days, they have produced more than 40 songs. One of them was a tune given to band called OverDrive. On August 19 and 20, 2000, they held a 2-Days one-man live at ZeppOsaka, developing more performance skills. In December, they released their 3rd album which was the last album as an indie. Succeeded the 2-Days one-man live held at the Social Security Pension Art Hall. Spring of 2001, two of them major debuted as a member of Warner Music Japan. 'We would like to give our message to more people', was the ground for their major debut.

The origin of Kobukuro was street. They know about primitive sound more than anybody else. When the two takes out one guitar and sing, you have the creation, Kobukuro.
By the way, the name 'Kobukuro' came from sentence from 'Sakura', "Is it OK to name ourselves 'Kobukuro' from 'Kobuchi' and 'Kuroda'?"

09 Kobukuro united/

07 first indie mini album "Saturday 8:pm" released
first live at Italian bar "STAFF" in Osaka. After that, live in "STAFF" became regular.
Started HP
08 30 people live starts
11 first live in school festival

03 indie 2nd mini album "Root of my mind" released
first one-man live at Banana hall.
04 appeared in event "NEW BREEZE" hosted by FM 802
05 IMP hall live
08 2-days live at Zepp Osaka
11 Announced major debut
12 indie 3rd mini album "ANSWER" released
Live at Osaka kouseinennkinnkaiknan geijutsu hall

03 major debut with "YELL~yell~/Bell"
04 first major live at Osakajo yagai ongakudo
06 "Wadati" released
08 first major album "Roadmade" released
09 first one-man hall live in Kanto at Shibuya Koukaido
2 days live at Osaka kousei nennkinnkaikann dai hall
10 starts school festival tour
11 "YOU/miss you" released
12 countdown live "Ichimanninn no YELL"

01 2 days live at Tokyo Shibuya koukaido
02 "Kaze" released
03 starts Live Rally 2002 from Oita Nakatsu bunkakaikann
Successful performance at NHK hall, the hall of music, and in April at Osaka festival hall 2 days as additional concerts
Awarded Japan Gold Disk Award New years artist award
05 selected as regular host of FM 802 PRIME HITZ 802 uchiasahishinbunn 21 STREET
appeared in Waratte iitomo for the first time
06 appeared in FUNKY802 13th Anniversary Special JAPANESOUL
appeared in FIFA World Cup TM cultural event at Osaka Nagai stadium. Performed YELL.
07 5th single "Negai no uta" released. this song is used as theme song of ABC natsu no koushien Fan festa at Wakayama marina city
08 2nd album "grapefruits" released
09 PRIME HITS 802 Presents Kobukuro Asahi shinbun 21 STREET LIVE at Banpaku kouen
10 Starts school festival tour
Monthly live starts from Odaiba Studio Dream Maker (5 lives)
11 starts activity as QUIDAM supporter
12 Live ☆ Rally 2002 "grapefruits" starts. Final performance at Osakajo hall
Released picture book "Yuki no huranai mati"

03 "Live ☆ Rally 2002 ichi no uenimo 2003 nenn" starts from festival hall. (15 lives)
04 7th single "Takarajima" released
08 Fan festa at Wakayama Big whale
Appeared in Live In EXPO '70 asahi shinbunn 21 LIVE
8th single "blue blue" released
11 3rd album "STRAIGHT" released
11~12 Live ☆ Rally 2003 tour

03 fan fiesta at Wakayama Big Whale
first picture work after major debut DVD "Kobukuro! LIVE! GO! LIFE!" released
on the end-roll, 19671 people names are appeared and seek official recognition by the Guinness Book of Records
04 regular radio program Asahi shinnbunn21 STREET moved to Friday from Tuesday
starts official mobile site "Club kobukuro" in WARNER MOBILE
05 9th single "DOOR" released
Appeared in many big events like Hiroshima flower festival, MUSIC DAY etc.
06 KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR '04~DOOR~starts 9 lives
08KiroroKobukuro LIVE in EXPO '70 at Banpakukouen momijigawa hiroba
Unit "Tokobukuro" with Tokoro Joji released collaboration CD
Appeared in CM of Asahi drink Wonda morning shot
Joined recording of Satou Tikuzen. Released "Mokuren no Namida"
"Million Films" are used for CM song of NTT Nishinihonn Denpou
10 airplay "Eien ni Tomoni" in NHK "Minnna no Uta"
10th single "Eienn ni tomoni/Million Films" released
11 4th album "MUSIC MAN SHIP" released
12 "KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR '04 ~MUSIC MAN SHIP~" final at Osakajo hall (11 lives)

01 "Sakura" used for theme song of drama "N's Aoi"
02 released "Sakura" spring package
03 22 lives "KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR '06 "NAMELESS WORLD" starts
05 "KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR '06 "NAMELESS WORLD" first live performance at Budokan
07 only PC exclusive member site Team KoBuKuRo grand open
Excite Music Festival '06
Fan festa 2004
Ap bank fes '06
Wrote "Kimi to iu nano tsubasa" for drama "Regatta"
13th single "Kimi to iu nano tsubasa" released
3rd appearance in Waratte iitomo
09 Kaze ni hukarete 2006
"ALL SINGLES BEST" released. contains songs which were released in single CD
11 23 lives "KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR '06 "Way Back to Tomorrow"" starts
"Anata eto tzuku miti" used for theme song of film "Tsubakiyama katyou no nanokakann"
12 appeared 48th annual Kagayaku! Nippon record taisho and Kouhaku utagassen

01 wrote "Tsubomi" for drama "Tokyo tower Okan to Bokuto Tokidoki Oton"
"WINDING ROAD" was used for CM song of Nissan Cube
02 released "WINDING ROAD" as Ayaka×Kobukuro

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