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Part: Vocal
Birth date: July 5th

Part: Guitar
Birth date: May 4th

Part: Guitar
Birth date: Sep 17th

Part: Bass
Birth date: Jun 24th

Part: Drums
Birth date: Jun 31st
A five member band formed by Shou (Vo), Hiroto (Gt), Tora (Gt), Saga (Ba) and Nao (Dr).
Formed in 2004.
Their polished visuals and songs with shining sense of melody have been attracting attention from all around, and they have been gathering attention from ever since they were formed, making both their sales and amount of people coming to their lives increase. Their first concert at Nippon Budoukan in 2011, "Alice Nine Live Tour 10 "FLASH LIGHT from the past"FINAL"TOKYO GALAXY"", was a huge success.
In year 2013 they had their "9"th - which is also included to their band name - anniversary, and they released 3 month consecutive releases in March, April and May, held tours during summer and winter, running through their 9th anniversary year with full strength.
This year is their 10th anniversary. This year, almost 2 years after their latest album release, they released the album "Supernova", and they have announced that the final of the tour "Alice Nine TOUR 2014 "Supernova Symphonia"", which will be starting from April, will be held on 23rd August at Fujikyuu Highland Conifer Forest.
Make sure to keep your eyes on the five, who will be going through their 10th Anniversary year with great vigor.

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